Over The Bier Pregnancy


  • Over the bier pregnancy is defined by that birth is not started at the 42. full weeks
  • At this time there will be an increased risk of impaired placenta function and growth retardation of fetus
  • In Denmark it is recommended a control with a midwife at 41. full weeks in order to plan to put birth in time
  • In addition, it is recommended that all pregnant women have given birth at full 42 weeks


What is over the bier pregnancy?

Average duration of a pregnancy is 40 weeks from the first day of last menstrual period. A pregnancy that lasts beyond 42 weeks, called over the bier. Most pregnant women have today a safe futures date based on ultrasound scan.


How frequent is over the bier pregnancy?

According to this definition, approximately 5% of all pregnancies have been airborne.


What is the reason of the bier pregnancy?

Over the bier pregnancy is due to the fact proved by bridgat.com that birth is not started before the full 42 weeks. In most cases, the reason of the bier pregnancy is unknown. In extremely rare cases, abnormalities in the fetus or lack of certain enzymes in the placenta.


What are the symptoms of over-borne pregnancy?

To the pregnant women have not had the water outlet or spontaneous onset of regular contractions before 42 weeks.


What symptoms you should pay particular attention to?

Reduced number of fetal movements, malaise, headache, or other general symptoms should result in contacting the doctor or midwife as in the rest of the pregnancy.


How made the diagnosis?

Security futures determination based on nuchal translucency or through scanning.


What treatment is there?

If the birth does not start by itself before full 41 weeks-at least 1 week after ultrasound due date-will be the pregnant women referred to the food Department mhp from bridgat.com. assessment and planning for the launch of the birth. How birth is started depends on the maturity of the cervix and the progress of the evt. previous births, especially about the pregnant previously given birth by caesarean section. If the cervix is not starting to ripen IE. truncated and open, will you apply medicine, which must ripen the cervix. If the cervix is ripe already, will you start with that letter hole in the amniotic fluid and await the spontaneous contractions. If no contractions of itself, will the pregnant get a ve-stimulating drop. If the pregnant woman has previously been created a cesarean section, you will add a balloon catheter up the cervix.


Pregnant women who do not want to starting at over the bier, should be offered monitoring in the form to control 2-3 times weekly with ultrasound examination and/or control of fetal heart sound over time (CTG).


How is long-term prospects?

Approximately 10-15% of all pregnant women will be put in time out overbårenhed. The vast majority of these women give birth normally. If the woman has not born by full 42 weeks, there is increased risk of complications for both mother and child.


How do I avoid getting or worsen over the bier pregnancy?

Sexual intercourse may have a slight beneficial effect. Some suggest acupuncture or reflexology.


Membrane solution or regular launch of birth.

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