Christian Dior Wallets for Men

They say that the man with style is one who takes care of his personal image, the feet, and thus their shoes, their hands, and therefore its accessories for them, and finally its portfolio, being the place that keeps its full economic potential. Toes he had heard, and is a man who cares an apart from his body, which has not to show in public, giving to understand that it is equally neat in each and every one of the remaining parts of your body regardless of if has to show them in public or not. But the wallet I had heard anything.

But it seems that you houses, as Christian Dior, they give more importance to this small object of which we put you, well because there is a demand on them, either because it is considered that it is certainly an element that deserves equal attention and care than the rest. Therefore, has presented its new catalogue of purses and wallets for the new season, for which up to the time of pay, do not lose None of elegance.

All of them are made in leather, of color black and tend to not be too striking, more than anything because a portfolio striking not is something useful. Style padded and bright, try not to occupy more space, being able to stay inside tickets, that cupe does not or you notice too much presence in pockets.

The has three different wallet versions, one of them (first from the left) is a wallet, classic and simple, the second (the first from the right) is a wallet of something larger and zipper included, and the third is the smallest of them all, whose use is intended to carry only a few tickets or a pair of cards.

To me, personally, No I too like your design, more than anything because if it boasts innovate and take out a collection that lends itself to elegance, seem somewhat bland and unexciting to be Dior’s, and of course, very well may be the material with which they are made, don’t think the price will in accordance with the product. We return to pay for the brand again. In Spain they will be available from August.