How to Choose the Right Flashlight

A good flashlight on the journey can be the difference between getting soaking wet socks and shoes, or to reach their goal with dry feet. Depending on what to use to flick the light, and in what situations, there are some key points to look at before buying. We will guide you through the worst thickets with this introduction to the torches illuminating the world.

The first thing you should find out what is most important with the flashlight. If you need a really strong light source that reaches far, the battery must last long or the physical size and weight which must be taken into account?

Other things to watch is durability because you do not want to go far into the woods just to drop the flashlight so it breaks against something hard on the ground. You will use the flashlight in cold conditions should withstand freezing temperatures and also work with thick gloves.

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Types of Fishing Lures

Fishing lures

There are a variety of different lure today, so it is difficult to keep track of them; all sizes, shapes and different colors; the most avid fishermen have many options in your tackle box. When you go fishing, you want to make sure that you have the right to work, but with so many to choose from, how to choose the best?

Of fishing lures are usually put into categories giving priority to work, or on the basis of their physical characteristics that define them. These are some of the types of fishing lures available today; surface lures, spoons, spinnerbaits (Hawaiian or witches), jigs, softbaits, jerkbaits and crankbaits.

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Samsung Galaxy S7: the USB Type-C Could Be Just a Rumor

After the last trail of rumors, from multiple sources, deemed credible enough, we can officially confirm that Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will not be equipped with USB port Type-C but just a normal output microUSB covered on The image from a few minutes is making the rounds of the network, makes quite clear the back leaving little doubt about the presence of the new generation connector, a not insignificant detail, overlooked Unfortunatly from Samsung.

The second photo shows the front of Galaxy S7 Edge, not much different from previous ones, in this case the display is on and synchronized on the lock screen, an important detail, which allows us to evaluate how much Samsung has optimized spaces to offer a good aspect ratio/frame, to the benefit of the same size of the device, which could be well below many other smartphones from 5.5 “. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S7: the USB Type-C Could Be Just a Rumor”

Wooden Wall Clock Designs

Often in my thoughts go back in time. Some details emerge from sentimental memories. One of them is a nice wooden clock. Now we will show the production according to the color of wood this emphasis can be placed as a white and a colored wall for kids. The variety of colors you can achieve and polish of your choice. This will combine stylish furniture with decorations for the home.

The irregular shape and rugged terrain make these clocks suitable accent for contemporary furnished home, and the classic traditional design. An interesting moment are arrows. The second hand is highlighted in blue, which turns hilarious highlight of the monochrome background. You can also tint the hands of his wooden clock in your favorite color. This will ensure a successful experience for modern decor in the dining room. In fact, again you have a choice. Place it where you fit best. Above the bed in the bedroom, on the wall in the hallway near the kitchen or in the corner of the living room. Have greater freedom of action!

Neck Pillowcase

Make a long car ride or plane is no longer synonymous with having a bad night’s sleep or muscle aches. The invention that came to save your sleep is the neck pillow. It is perfect for those who do not give up the comfort and softness in any position you want to lie on the path of your trip or the time to get home after work.

With the neck pillow, you can make any corner become extremely cozy and perfect to relax and have some minutinhos or hours of rest. It is nothing more than a padded in his neck shape. If you want to know all about the neck pillows and how to ensure yours, check the tips here that separated for you to run and buy your relax to get any hits back or long trip.

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Olivia Palermo Outfit of Vintage

For a formal look but absolutely style here is how to copy the impeccable outfits Olivia Palermo, the it the most chic girl in the world!

Hands up who knows Olivia Palermo!

Born in 1986, the IT girl Olivia is definitely more chic and elegant as ever.

It was in the MTV reality show The City, focused on fashion and the lives of those who are part of the fashion Holywoodiano system.

Olivia stood out immediately for its particular taste, never excessive and always classy.

No coincidence that in 2010 she was elected “new queen of street style” from Asos and became Hogan’s testimonial.

For all the fashionistas Olivia is definitely one of the greatest style icons of recent years.

Never a mistake. Always impeccable as suggested by

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Swimwear Trends Summer 2016

Summer is practically on our doorstep (taking in Curitiba that looks more like winter than summer, but oh well haha …) and a lot of people want to know what will be the trends of swimwear is not it? Why do those who do not want to kick ass in a bikini or bathing suit when you are traveling with friends, family or boyfriend? I want to … That’s why I separated a few swimwear Trends 2016 you have to know and call one of your for this summer, you know what? Come on.

1-Transparent bikini

Hi? Transparent Josie? That’s right you read, this is a new trend that comes to this summer and look, I’m going to say it’s that kind of bikini sexy without being vulgar, not to mention that gives that illusion in the person who is looking sinister doesn’t it? This bikini on comes with a tulle and you can use both the top and bottom or both together. I would use you?

2-Cropped Top Bikini

The cropped is a piece that has become essential in our correct wardrobe? And now she appears with all in bikinis, can be of long or short sleeves, regatinha, the choice is yours.This trend is one of my favorites and I want in my closet and you?

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United Kingdom Flag

The flag of the United Kingdom – also known by the British as the Union Jack, has been used since 1603, when the Scottish King James VI became King of England. The symbolism of the flag expresses the link between England, Scotland and Wales. The central theme is the red cross of St. George, which is considered the patron saint of England. The cross is bordered by a large white cross and everything is on a blue background. The white diagonal cross should remind St. Andrew, patron saint of Scotland. Ireland is represented by a red diagonal cross, which is the symbol of St. Patrick, Irish pattern. Irish cross was not added until 1801, when Ireland became a member of the UK. Union Jack design can be found on many flags as a reminder of the past as a colonial power Britain. You can buy U.K. flag on wholesaleably.

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Salmon Fishing Tips And Tricks

Salmon, such as trout, is shy and scary. When alarmed, they move very quickly in the water, and go a long distance without stopping. It is, therefore, one must be very cautious in fishing, and requires skill and perseverance.

The more cautious fishermen have the patience to catch this fish, whose instinct leads him to incredibly ingenious efforts to escape. Feeding areas are fast salmon streams and deep lakes with gravel and pebbles funds, where there exits to the sea. Time for fishing for them is early morning or late afternoon. Preferred baits are worms, small fish or shrimp, and fly.

The rig used for salmon, you must combine strength with imperceptibilidad.

A large spool necessary with several meters of line and combined silk hair, or grass line is sometimes used. The rod must be 5 or more meters long, and elastic at the end. According to, the right hook to the worm and live bait may be a pattern Kirby and Limerick. The numbers are from 0 to 4, and the numbers 0 to 3 in fly fishing. Fishing with artificial flies is often a great success, when flies are made of gray feathers and garish colors.

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Hyperlapse: Update Allows Cool Time-Lapse Selfies

Pimpt your Selfies! Instagram has sent its application Hyperlapse an update so that it now also optimized for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 can be used plus. A new Selfie function is also integrated, which can shoot the cool time lapse self-portraits.

Since the update, now the front camera can be used, time lapse Selfies can with the Hyperlapse app now create. For the inclined Selfie candidate must imagine only still a moving background. So, you can film you for example in the holiday on the beach while the sun sets in the background. In addition to the Selfielapse function the update includes also updated designs for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus as well as bug fixes and improvements in reliability.

Free Time Lapse Video App Instagram-Maker

Hyperlapse is completely free in the app store available and currently exclusively for iOS devices. Developer Instagram but hopes to be able to offer the app for Android coming soon. However, the programming interface that is required for this are not yet available. Recorded videos can be divided seamlessly via Instagram, stored recordings can be released again anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, the time lapse videos can be speed as promise the original speed – thanks to the automatic stabilization using the gyro-sensor with high video quality, up to 12 times.